My Ocean Song

Looking out beyond the shifting tide
my eyes wander to the most distant imaginary corner
Imaginary corner because there is none, really –
Out there beyond water and wind;
as if a shadow of substance might fall into form,
rather than something cast from a cloud above
A fine line arches with no beginning and no end
and all there is, is direction
Direction, vast – vast…
Coast to coast
Land’s end to land fall
Where does one begin and one end?
Questions that burn into infinity
Questions I think about obsessively
And, the answers they seem to come at their own pace;
or at a new level of transformation
Direction unknown
Future unknown
Love unknown
I pause, but do not hesitate;
because within all of that,
there is a love for what is mine
A love for the unseen
A love for what can be
A thirst for knowledge
A true thirst for brain splitting knowledge
How many times have I stood in this exact spot?
How many times have I looked out beyond the breaking waves
and as my eyes wander and the tears fall
did I find there is always another question forming
and another answer waiting to be heard?

© 2016 TrilbyYates