Mourning Dove

Quiet nights slow slumber restless heart beats without intent
You place your head on my chest as I brush the hair from your eyes
I can feel your wondering thoughts with questions deep
Penetrating my soul with anticipation and sorrow for all that you are yet to experience
And what this life has handed us without notice or the slightest hint of caution to beware
As the ground shifts beneath us we kissed the morning sky and it never crossed our minds
That these moments are not endless as soft whispers fade into the deep dark night
I shutter and chase away thoughts of my life without you…

Baseball games and reality shows mix up our days and nights
When you talk about the perfect shot; all I can do is miss the Cameraman
With all your technical jargon and insider-ez
I am still impressed with who you have met in tinted window limousines

Text messages, short video’s of dockside adventures
You are at home in your comfort space and I float alone
With a Xanax ease that helps me get from day to day
Dream to dream keeping the emptiness at bay and
Nightmares that linger with each breath wrapped in fear
That even this will all come to an end and a sigh of relief
Will never be set free to meet me in that peaceful place when
You’ve been tapped on the shoulder by a higher source
And leave me to fend for myself within the reverie of our
Short and bitter sweet love story

Lyrics float beyond you and into me as a lost – yet found
Version of Bob Dylan sings slightly off key
“…to catch the wind…” and I feel a breeze,
Slight flutter brush past my left cheek as I gently
Slip off the curve where we met years ago
And who would have thought that a few strokes
Of the keyboard and an adventurous heart would
Cross paths in the center of the universe that has become
A brighter exposé of a man and a woman in search
Of a restful place we have come to know
As home…

Whisper no more my lover we have plenty of time to be thankful
To scream from the edge of the Sound and have it come back
Full circle as if it never left our lips only to explode in our hearts
Quietly we let go of childhood fears that no longer hold
The power they once held and we share in our silence, ambivalence
And how to set it free when the moment comes and we have to let go
Not to see the darkness in the storm that surrounds us
But to find that pleasure in the howl of the wind as it echo’s your name;
And only my ears can hear your sweet liquid words as they melt
From the night into day and I know you will always love me

Early AM coffee, sirens fill the morning air and a cool breeze is gently playing
Tag as it brushes ever so lightly over my legs reminding me that Indian summer
Is only a thought away from when we met
And as the sunlight makes its way around the far corner of the earth I can still recall
How pleasant your eyes were as you greeted me a few minutes late with apologizes
And a hand shake only to kiss me twice before you said good night

If I could go back in time, I would revisit our first Mr. and Mrs. Valentines Day
And hold you closer than I ever have and kiss you deeper with a passion
That would carry us over the next 6 months like Angel’s wings without remorse or
A sense of desperation and never tiring from the journey that we were unknowingly
Setting out on without direction or a moment of hesitation as circumstance push us
From one day into the next with an occasional side step into the traffic of a world we
Never anticipated to be pulled back on track by miracle makers
Well wishers and the kind hearts of strangers

Shades drawn and sunlight fades within the time frame of forgotten anniversaries
And when the wind blows stardust across your weary eyes I can still see a glimmer
Of all the promises that we’ve made in our short window into a world we’ve both
Longed for and the door hasn’t closed yet so take my hand and trust me as I lead the way
To a peaceful harbor that will hide us from the storm…once more

Each day is a blessing in disguise as quoted by someone from another era
Another place in time when survival wasn’t just about sickness and health or
Peace and war – it had a meaning that has lost its point of view when life takes
Slow steps toward an early exit and there isn’t anything one can do but watch and
Wait continue on doing day to day stuff that makes no sense in the big picture
But keeps sanity close at hand for a while when day light makes the real monsters
Hide like children afraid of the shadows in the night and there isn’t a scientific answer
That fits the question like the proverbial glove of what can and can’t be done in
Moments like this when love doesn’t conquer all and what we are can be held in the palm of one Tiny fragile lingering hand that waves farewell to what we have come to know and cherish as Each breath escapes into a timeless abyss of peace and tranquility ~

You tell me stories from when you were a child
I conjure images of that shy boy with a far away look that lives in another world
HiDef before its time and you just shift from one side to the other making your way
Between comfort and the unknown
Born with a camera in your hand second to none with a silver spoon in the other
Shooting moments that most would envy
Time capsule on 16mm film capture the essence of childhood gone astray
Grainy images cross chaotic paths with wide smiles
Renegade grins from five brothers and two sisters
Who never would have thought beyond the town lines of Fairfield County
Into a tragic future that only Madame Rue could foresee in her crystal ball
Visits with Mom to your favorite store on days of trickery and Bloomingdales
Never felt so good as lunch boxes with super hero’s danced around you like
Guardian angels playing your favorite rock and roll songs
Beatles to Cream and all the individual talents that lay
In between the lines of fact and fiction with a gentle spray of innocence
And a touch of the Blue’s Man Blues wailing away from a distant wing of
A large house and swimming pool deep and tears drop without notice
Your hair falls as camouflage across your handsome face
Introvert reluctance didn’t keep the pretty girls away
You and I lived on different edges – yet the consequences were the same…

© 2008 TrilbyYates