Rain is falling wind blows I find myself resting in the familiar back in those days and nights when we were one another’s life line hanging on for dear life death every breath

Mid night mid day sun doesn’t rise you would whisper random thoughts that played like songs from a cherished album I would watch you sleep when it would come medication induced dreams dancing above like miniature videos of joy

Memories from a long time ago and some recent – last day in the studio last day you picked up your guitar or drumsticks camera paper to pen pearls of wisdom profound meaningful I love you

Creative muse lover best friend my nickname all have held me close since you drifted away fall night stars bright wind continues to blow

My eyes close to keep the feelings and images in – even now nine years yesterday last week last month nine years and here I write and drift back and forth to our last words last touch last kiss…I continue to drift

© TrilbyYates 2016