Love Knots

Is it ever just the way the light falls
on the curves of your face
like the waters of the Niagara
– breath taking…takes my breath
or is it the angles of your cheeks
highlighting an ancient place
sacred knowledge inherent lines
a road map introspective of your fathers eyes
and a mouth that speak volumes – whispers, I love you
without uttering a single syllable?

Silence is a profound aphrodisiac
if not a holy experience as a catholic genuflects
on bended knee hand to chest tap tap
that only the pure of heart, soul, thought
have the openness to experience, absorb – deepest breath in
and hold onto it…I know this to be true
As holy water drips from finger tips

And if my “true” is universal
And I believe it to be
And a kiss is a captured moment
Held gingerly between us held like a mirror
Reflective bounce back and forth to and fro swing
Is it a mere possibility or plausible excuse
That what ever else is shared
Eternity is nothing more; ever more, ever more
Than an outdated expression word drop fracture
And a night will always turn into a day
And your hand will reach in touch my heart
Each note passionately played sweetest strum
…of your guitar drift and sway
String snap love will set the pace
Dancing tangled up love knots that binds us…

©2018 TrilbyYates