Just A Story

It’s my story
A life learning curve
Bend and twist
A trip up
Occasional fuck up
but never a loss
A lesson to apply
If not – step back rewind
Until that oh yeah, a-ha gut punch
Yes right, right I get it
I get it
Own it
Wrap it in the highest regard cherished brain matter
Tucked away for days of weakness or delusional maybes
Or it wasn’t so, so erroneous, atrocious
But it was and it is
and a lesson learned like bridges burned
You only need to cross them but once
Side stepping walk it back never served me well
Like Double-Dutch pause, hesitate
Ready, ready, lean in
1,2 – 1,2 pause, push
It’s only too late
When your ashes are being tossed overboard
Out to sea; high tide low tide full moon drift
Remembering those days gone by
Fade away melancholy sway…

©2019 TrilbyYates