Hope Is Love

The future, a myriad of bright lights
Shimmering within a golden glow
Hints of fuchsia, cherry and all its many versions;
Garnet, crimson, scarlet and lipstick red
Green the color of hope, rebirth, renewal,
The learning curve; an archway of love and loss;
“Strength and support, lightness and openness
within density, thresholds into liminal space”
The future, holding us in gentle caring hands
Yet possesses nothing until it becomes yesterday
I’ve learned I am “perfect within my imperfections,
flawless within all of my flaws…”
The past fades, but never leaves – until we let it go
Our Angels keep us guarded and touch us when necessary
They hold us near, yet don’t interfere, a reminder
That the repetitive patterns are not always in stone;
Hope is love
Acknowledging the foundation and every brick in every wall
Our past does not define us; it shapes us
The past holds my failures and fears like a fragile child
– a window to my future filled with promise, love

Hope is love; love is love is love…

©2020 TrilbyYates