Beloved Starfish

She moves through everything, tangible or not
with light and air uplifting anticipation;
which isn’t a sin unless you live there
Pages turned with care not to disturb
the intent or thought; a sacred sanctuary
and her heart aches, but letting go is a gift – time honored
Silver box unlocked old watches won’t rewind tick tock;
time only stands still for those that float above
with the span of angel wings and a splash of fairy dust
And we could have walked the beach together
skipping stones, pocketing treasured finds,
shells and sea glass; the mystery of our beloved starfish
Precious moments; a window into love, perspective on life,
hopes and secrets shared between one old soul to another;
– recognized and admired with reverence

Should we question the paths chosen,
every high tide and sand bar drift off?

What happens when love shows up unexpected,
an omen from years ago, that grand aha moment
that reaches deep until it bursts
into intoxicating flames of recognition?

A wise woman once said,”…when love arrives it is willful,
voluntary and preordained. Giant steps forward my dear…”

©2020 TrilbyYates