Comfort In The Unknown

Woke up, partial light seeps into
dreamscapes and nightmares
somewhere out there a thought
flies across a cyber sky – no color faux stars shine bright
land on the floor next to discarded
clothing from the night before
a chill in the air and semi-frost
on the window-pane child writes
I love you finger tip art
fall in love and share my bed
for a lifetime…a puzzling thought
pulling the blankets up as if shielding
all the questions that have not been asked
all the words not yet said
float around buzz like an old school high
only land when the mind is comatose
not yet fully awake
sweet thoughts twist and dance around
spin off some anxiety and delight
but what if…what if…
second guess
second life
new beginnings
new love
his touch is not familiar comfort in the unknown?

©2020 TrilbyYates