Quarantine Day 212

Maybe it was the glimmer
of something gentle
Coming into view
that pushed me to my knees
Imagining the touch
of a kitten’s paw on my cheek
No rosary falling to the floor
Dust collecting beads hanging from my bedpost

…shifting gears from sensation to visual

Or maybe the sighting of a shooting star
that cut across the night sky,
Or a distant firecracker set off
by a group of kids for reaction –
Hesitantly, reluctant to pass beyond
the perfection of my field of vision
Surrounded by twinkling red lobster
and gold glitter starfish patio lights
Strung from corner to corner;
equality in distribution – nouveau riche seduction
Ocean breeze hisses between wooden masts;
port to starboard lean
And off in the distance someone is yelling
“Get back in your box, anarchist!”

…shifting gears from this to that

And what has happened to that sentiment of love
Cupids bow shot from decades ago?
A one off? Hit and miss? Hit and run?
So I digress, day 212 quarantine delusion

©2020 TrilbyYates