Love We Have Found

Men march, their torches burn in the night
their women stand street side weeping;
not for fear, but emotions
emotions so powerful they overflow
tear stained faces passion and love

You put another log on the fire
and I am thankful that you
have a turn of the century fireplace
in the Big Apple west side walk up
romance seems to flourish in front of
the glistening ambers and candle light
we chat about your role in a new play
and I attempt to read aloud
one of my most recent poems
knowing that all my words lately
flow from me to you and back again
I battle with my fear of talking
in front of a crowd even of one
but you, so perceptive and gentle
take my hands and hold them to your lips
and kiss them reassuring me
that each word spoken
pours from heart to heart

We are a couple of creative energies
and there is no fire that burns brighter
we haven’t spoken those words yet
every kiss, every touch, every moment spent
looking into each others eyes – quiet
we both know it is only a matter of time
when we like reading a poem or a line in a play
express with words of the love that we have found…

©2021 TrilbyYates