Proverbial Spark

3rd floor walk up windows with a view
Neighborhood in the heights
Grand old homes line the avenue
Reflective of a time when there was no WiFi
A feel of romance dances about with an undeniable allure
A subtle buzz fills every room energy, passion, love
You tell me stories; your youth, what it was like
Growing up in the city – pre your street becoming a hot spot
We laugh with ease; comfortable in our own skin
You say I’ve gotten under yours – I concur, mine as well
And your eyes twinkle when we find ourselves – slow drift
Just looking at each other – quiet but not still
We shamelessly admit how we have both longed
For a cosmic connection, that proverbial spark
And somehow over a cup of Joe –  the 4th of July in February!

©2021 TrilbyYates