Love-struck Fog

I float – occasionally the tips of my toes
Touch down gently; a soft sacred grounding
A moment of salvation; a need to clear
…my head and heart
Life, I have discovered cannot be lived
To it’s fullest beauty holding onto images
Of a boy and girl from so long ago
Photographs from yearbooks past
It is nothing more than an illusion
A love-struck fog
When the fog clears, standing face to face
are two strangers
Each with a house full of mementos from a life
lived with someone else
A life familiar to him; but unfamiliar to me
His touch, his kiss seemed so foreign
Discomfort seeps into all the spaces
The emptiness; it fills every lingering moment
of silence or hesitated pause
And when betrayal rises in the darkest of night
The wounds don’t cut as deep; the heart mends quickly
A full life, new love, purity of truth and contentment
Surround my heart
My soul
My world
With ease

©2021 TrilbyYates