Fairies and Wishlists

Wrapped in another cause
bells and whistles banners and such
I walk the walk and talk the talk
but when the train drags me home
and I’m walking down the sidewalk
my pace slows and my heart races
as I sink into the emptiness
that is waiting for me
3rd floor walk up with glorious windows
and a view to die for
such an odd expression…considering
yes considering the only thing I would die for
is to turn the clock back and have one more
afternoon with you to hold your hand
to feel your fingers intwined with mine
your face close enough that you can see my soul
whispers that are meant for only the two of us
just the two of us in our world of bliss
and it’s as if I have the power to create a time warp
a slip in the Grand Master’s plan
like a child that believes in fairies and wish lists
I close my eyes just as I reach the avenue
I can see you waiting in one of those glorious windows
looking out smile so endearing I can’t breathe
and it is that moment when the key is in the lock
I hesitate for a split second because it is in that split second
I believe you will be there, arms and heart opened wide welcoming
and not just an empty space filled with memories no light or love
as I flip the light switch all hope and anticipation dissipates
like a wisp of smoke it rises and fades into an abyss

© 2021 Trilby Yates