Castles In The Sky

Clouds billowing, flowing about like sheets blowing in the wind
Backyard clothesline posts lean against an aging Mother Nature
Sails on a boat filling up to come about, tacking from east to west
And looking up into the sky like a child seeing images
of love, laughter, imaginary animals and castles in the sky;
rather than the evils that float around us – unaware of the dangers
All in a world that is juxtaposed to an innocent mind and fresh heart
When time passes and the child becomes somewhat of an adult
those images begin to blur and fade into oblivion; but the memories
of days gone by, when life was a series of learning lessons;
some gut wrenching and some so endearing they remain forever
as a corner stone to whom that child will become – future-esk twist
A slight glimmer, sense of familiarity or a nudge felt when life
feels a little off kilter, out of sorts – it surrounds us with subtitles
Those signs, signals can go un-noticed; intentionally ignored or
we own them with arms wide and heart opened to all its potential

I fall back onto the grass looking up into the heavens;
hand shading my eyes, sun so bright and beautiful
it brings me to tears at the mere thought…
I can see the perfection of those moments
Reaching out fingers stretched, touching the truth;
an Angel’s wing, while clouds billow full of anticipation and delight
I breathe it all in…a pure sense of grace and my own mortality

© 2021 TrilbyYates