Hear The Clouds Moving

“I hear the world as it’s meant to be; I hear the clouds moving in the sky…” Shetland
Non-fiction; documentary of slit writs and heart strings
A memoir; vignettes Kodachrome moments
Black and white sepia time stamped flip book
Auto-biography – intrigue to feed the lost curiosity of a bored soul
Life has taken me to the oceans
Flying high touch down; a trip wire
I never take a high tide for granted
Or my weak-kneed and faint of heart slivers
I am in love with feeling the wind in my face;
the distant scent of lavender –
that sudden jolt of love when it enters my heart
like a shot across the bow- hit or miss
There isn’t anything in my life that is allowed by another
I am the author of my story

© 2021 TrilbyYates