Rock Me Baby

Walking barefoot along the coast line
Beach-esk sense of wonder and awe
Sand and sea, endless as the night that holds me like a child
Rock me baby, sleep tight, sweet dreams and such
The wind blows my hair, tussled and tangled
Oh what a delightful web we weave – whispered musings
My heart races at the sight of a distant ship
“…new lands to conquer…” the gist of this and that
I am a prisoner of self – a self sentenced time warp blissed out purgatory
But my heart has always held a place for truth in the highest regard
Although, when lies surface it is as if caught in an undertow
Of someone else’s slip of the tongue…or ego shift
And integrity is as far fetched as the Man In The Moon
Drifting off to another galaxy side stepping a lunar eclipse
Carpal tunnel, chip-witch, bitch fest – angst from long ago
And as my senses blur out of focus, I can still hear the call
Deep below the current tide while seagulls fly high
And mythical Mermaids ponder dreams of red stiletto’s
But their song is bound by a blood oath and loyalty to the sea
I sympathize with them while standing knee deep ocean wide
This solitary place I have come to call my hearts home

© 2022 TrilbyYates