Goddess or Naysayer

Kitchen table morning bend from dreams that haunt
To which coffee cup is an appropriate mood fit
When the challenge of the day will be
How to complete a thought without it
Breaking down to the minutiae
The sentiments and emotions that cut deep
And take a lifetime to heal or at the very least mend
Back to an old thought process; reveal or conceal options
The daunting task of being okay with being vulnerable
– often a must or a no show bust
And not an accidental shift caught off guard flash point
But an intentional aha-moment with all of its wisdom
And power of awe, the choice – let go and be
Just the thought of love is an aphrodisiac
– how do I resist the up side of the possible down?
Wrapped in a tissue paper thin leap of faith, cliff jumping
White knuckle adventure – not for the weak of heart
Or the weary from war torn love affairs of the past
A past that is a just below the surface, a minefield

So who am I? Goddess or Naysayer?

Seems my natural tendency is the jump. Deep breath, fingers crossed, hope
The wind on my face as I fall. Anticipation of a tender kiss on the landing
Precautionary First Aid Kit on standby

© 2021 TrilbyYates