The wind blows across the harbor
And I’m aware the feel isn’t the same
No east coast bend or sudden slap
Across the face gusts or gale
Pacific Ocean has an opposite vibration
It rattles to the bone; shakes the docks it doesn’t roll
And a shadow from the past hovers
It doesn’t dance or shimmy around me
It’s off beat, an anchor, an albatross
That has kept me skipping flat stones from bay to bay
And man, I don’t recall the details of our story; but I can still carry a tune
And the beat is like my heart, lots of rhythm…a bit loose on the rhyme
But steadfast and always true, like the blue in your eyes
If I do recall…and I do

But, clearly somewhere between here and there
I have misunderstood
Fearful of all the profound words and love songs I know I heard
But clearly, somewhere between here and there…
I fucking misunderstood

© 2021 TrilbyYates All rights