Best Is Yet To Come

Silver spoons and snake skins
hanging from the rear view mirror
top down and the wind is blowing
like there is something on fire
keeping my demons at bay
and when the devil is at the cross roads
tapping his foot impatiently waiting
for the woman dressed in black
my widows walk
doesn’t seem so far away …
And when you kiss me like that
the memories shift to a clearing
held for all those precious times
that flicker in candle light
gently swaying from left to right
not that it matters all that much
when passions rise and spirits flutter by
I can’t speak when the spaces in between
have a voice unto their own …
Finally you will whisper “I love you”
only then will I let it go
watching from a distant corner knowing
the best is yet to come…

© 2013 Trilby

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