Kisses In The Dark

Glass slipper shatters
As you walk on water
Like the second coming
Of someone of substance
Someone we have
All been longing for
Only you care about the timing
Of this desperate game
Life and all its little
…inconsequential – s
Universal plan falls
Neatly into place
Like domino’s standing
In a carefully placed row
One behind the other
If one hand trembles
Tin soldiers tumble and
Suicide bombers explode
At the sound
Of bells ringing
In a far, far away land
But, I have forgotten
The truth
And color of your eyes
And you
You can’t recall my name
So with a bitter sweet farewell
– 21 gun salute and flags flown
At a mournful half staff
I bid to you and yours
Whom ever they may be
A happy and prosperous new year
Words of warning as you turn
Strut and stagger away
One glass too many
One glass is never enough
Like kisses in the dark
That slowly lead to paradise
Head tipped to the left
Sympathetically diving off the curve
Last words slur and drip
From your oh so seductive lips
“…don’t accept Canadian coin
from strangers and never cross Jack…”
The one eyed man observes more
Than just you and me
His days are numbered with good intentions
– one to ten and counting
And always, always remember
To pause and reflect while twisting
Your personally monogrammed
Sterling silver knife
That one last meaningful


© 2014 TrilbyYates

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