So yes, I have hit the wall
– many times
I’ve reached down
in the darkness and found
the bottom was still
another 100 feet below me
and all I can say
with a hint of ambivalence
“…man what a trip, what a journey…” 

And all the introspective chatter
and cliches passing thru the test of time
held with the highest regard phrases
don’t hold an ounce of truth
when the light at the end of the tunnel
is a taunting echo of yourself

Self help mumbo jumbo
new age movement
authors and prophets of old
who keep their secrets
closely protected
within their well guarded heart
while all along holding the key
to their own mysteries
…yet to be solved

And the passions rise
when a nerve is struck
over and over again
their truth is well earned
from their own rock bottom
bouncing realizations
when a light bulb moment
goes off the crowd kneels
and we all know it is
just another oxymoron
but enlightens those in the dark
without question none the less

Once again I am
in a free fall
seeing a lot of familiar faces
along the way
– and yet
there is still no comfort
in the masses
and self pity is as destructive
as falling on your own
proverbial sword
– it’s all a ploy
a way to make sense
of the inevitable
to maintain the purity of faith
in the smile of excellence
on your face
that it is sincere
and not a reflection
of one foot already planted
firmly in the ground of fear

And that’s not for me
I’m just saying man
that is not my way out
my ashes will blow
across the wide open sea
that sweet spot
where land never
reaches the eye
– carried by angels
and when the time is right
they will kiss me off
into the wind I’ll float
high above what was
once my reality

And in the distance
a comforting voice
will be heard
whispers of welcome
and a warm hand
will reach out and touch
that one remaining particle
the ultimate human being
…death needs no introduction

© 2016 TrilbyYates