Train Ride

Long train ride
eyes close
images sharpen
and the senses
seem unusually high
and maybe
it was the way
you kissed me
or the way your hand
was gently placed
in the lowest part
of my back
pulling me close
swaying to the music
dancing has never felt
so seductive
brushing my hair
off my neck
whispered words
the rhythm
from the top
of the crystalline
to the fiery depths
of hell
a moment in time
holds tenderly
perfection in memories
if nothing is accidental
all has purpose and intent
lessons lived
and lessons learned
explanations not needed
when two ships
in the night
and yet
remain connected –

…the conductor walks by, click, click…next stop Westport, walk two cars forward and watch your step…

© 2013 TrilbyYates (Metro North ~ photo by TYates)