Gingerly stepping forward,
one foot in front of the other
Wrapped in a magical envelope:
a time bubble bounce
50 years ago, a brilliant recollection tsunami
Images play out like an old 60’s flick
Color, black and white slo-mo
With memory snap shots, tiny mementos
Crystal clear gifts, wrapped in teenage angst
For a moment there is no space
or air between then and now
A tangible infinite half a century drift;
as feet lift slightly off the ground
You, me and Mary Magdalene;
goddess, mother, Jesus’s lover
Angel wings and a new moon beams;
smiles from the heavens above
Whispers of approval float,
between wisps of feathered clouds
And a gentle hush from lips to fingertips; we kiss
We move together like two familiar dancers – sincopata
Heart beats carried by the wind; earth to the heavens glide

©2020 TrilbyYates