Cup Of Coffee Drift

Early morning reluctant drift; sleep eludes me once more and sometimes the desire for a hot frothy cup of coffee shakes my dreams loose and there is nothing more awakening than that first step onto a cold floor; a life acknowledged nod, while fairy lights twinkle on the porch with a tender glow; visual comfort…welcome my weary reverie I applaud you.

I believe there is magic in this place, 2nd floor whimsy tree house ceilings too low clawed foot bathtub odd ball space where my life has slipped into daily revelations, energy shifts as spirits linger; consistent taps on my shoulder and the occasional delicate airy touch to my cheek; awakenings from a well earned moment of “finally” recognized, owned and felt in the very depths of my soul; more welcoming and applause.

Ambivalent and not always on guard for an emotional jolt or the invasion of tender memories, yet I hesitate to questions the motivations at this juncture in my travels, and I continue to move forward; age has nothing to do with insight; seems a strange way to blow through my days, yet the thread that connects me to you and us to them holds powerful intentions, my guess is as good as yours; so we’ll hold on tight to the brightness of a second light that flickers and shines beyond our own definition of what life was supposed to be.

©2020 TrilbyYates