if i could i would part 3

…if i could i would
take a train metro north, GCS
grab a cab 14th w39th street ferry terminal
step on board – 2nd stop hobo
call lyft, palisades ave
kiss the 1st boy that opens the door
kiss the 2nd boy sitting on the steps
i’d never forget you, but my memories
wouldn’t be the only song that i sing
or the only words that i write
my heart would skip a beat
full of love; full of love
i would fly, soar high
across the sky
across the pond
i would find comfort in the night
knowing you are there – vice versa
kiss as if there is no tomorrow
open arms to new beginnings
all the things not said
all the questions not asked
relevance is ones perspective
know the difference
love is love is love is love…

©2020 TrilbyYates