Leonard C.

There is something about the way
Early morning light bounces and throws patterns
Lacy images shadows outline of a lovers body
Reminders of times and moments
I hold so dear so tightly my chest aches
With no reason clarity or explanation of my own
And every song that ever moved me
Or word that held me with gentle hands
Throughout my life remain an analogy
A direct connection to my own hearts song
Some where out in the distant fog
I can hear a tender voice singing an echo
And Leonard’s poetic lyrics float seductively
Something profound gut wrenchingly sweet
A nod to the man stringing words of love and loss
An honor to my own invitation to heartbreak
And a love so intense nothing else mattered
Or at the very least a clearer image my fantasy
Of you and me what could have been what could be
Five something in the morning seagulls fly overhead
Hit and run grabbing what they can A.M. comfort food
A sunrise rush full of visuals sounds and pure poetry

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