Strands Of My Hair

They say things happen for a reason
It is what it is – so on and so on
I am a blank page, a clean slate
I believe it to be mine alone
My personally drawn life map
Day by day, sun shining – the sounds of a mourning dove’s coo
My likes, dislikes, love and lovers; friends or foe
The pages I write, scribble – doodle
Creating lines, swirls; words are my textured fabric
Worn like my favorite sweater, leather; ribbons and silk
My unique finger print – DNA without forensic influence
My extraordinary designs, black and white, sepia, shadows; rainbows
My distinctive story, tales spun; a series of vignettes
Your hand on my chest; the feel of my heart beating
The warmth of a kiss, a touch; the scent of your skin
Spontaneous, instinctive, intuitive, free-spirit(ed)
A spark, flutter, passion; wind blowing separating the strands of my hair
A deep breath, awe, inspirational sigh, no land in sight, the water…the tide

The script of my life
The bends and turns
Ups and downs
I can’t breathe – bewildered…

© 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.