A slight movement forward
wind shifts suddenly
there is
a tumbling sensation
in each step
I’ve taken
your touch
was never an absolute
and as much as I knew that
going in
it’s the
coming out
that’s another story
time is not on my side
and as I wander
between my thoughts
there is a tug
at my heart
wishing one thing
could be true
that flight
wasn’t a solution
or a place of comfort
I’m running to –
here I stand
fair winds and following seas
unable to find my way
once again
and things haven’t changed
all that much
since my youth
when boys would be boys
and men will be boys too
I question the disconnect
from what is said
and what is heard
all the words
exchanged between us
nothing ever remains
very clear
so I’ll listen to sad songs
once again
wishing the nights away
cursing you for leaving me
in this place
when all that I have
are memories
of sweeter days…

© 2016 Trilby